Who is Pete Dugo?

Peter Andrew Dugo – Everything you wanted to know about Peter Andrew Dugo (but couldn’t ask because this ball-less child-stalker keeps changing his internet handle!).

Your parents must be so proud

You’ve probably noticed some ‘anon’ troll who’s been harassing the YouTube community recently.  AGAIN.  For the seventh straight year in a row.  As of May 2015, he has over 100 channels/personas (aka “Sock Puppet” accounts) that he uses for ‘anonymous’ trolling.  trolled HARASSED many famous YouTubers such as NutNFancy, MZBomey, TheARMORYChannel, and in 2011 he was arrested for stalking and taking video of TheARMORYChannel’s underage daughter (of which he takes pride in, which is ironic, because this guy is accusing a bunch of people of being pedophiles).
Many of these have been flagged and deleted, so there’s no real point in linking them because he’ll just create a new one.  He was given many chances to stop trolling.  He has

He’s recently involved in a feud with several individuals, accusing them of being pedophiles.  Pete thinks he’s slick and that he has everyone’s number, but he’s really just a sad, pompous, asshole.  What does he have to gain by constantly harassing members of the YouTube community?  What goes on in that sad life of yours, Pete, huh?

Personal Life, Work, and Beliefs:On his free time, Pete likes to troll.  He likes to annoy, harass and stalk people and he thinks it’s funny.  He prides himself on being anon and he likes to claim he’s the king of trolls.  One reoccurring claim he likes to make is that he’s one of the “Original Hyenas,” what ever the fuck that is.  He is a sociopath with a bizarre kind of God complex who takes pleasure in other’s misery and takes comfort in thinking that he’s safe from “Doxxing.”  He likes to control through coercion.

Pete showing off one of his many gay watches

Oh yeah, and he likes expensive watches from Sam’s Club.  And guns!  Did I mention guns?  He likes shooting them in his backyard, showing them off on the internet, and he likes silencers too!  Even illegal, unregistered ones, made from commonly available thread-adapters.  I’ll have those videos up eventually.

So far the only jobs he can land are lame security posts where he finds time to eat donuts and make troll accounts.  As of 2014, he applied as a park ranger and has expressed interest in joining the Airforce Reserves, and has gone so far as to take the ASVAB (score: 74) where he qualified for Helicopter Mechanic.  Claims he’s still trying to get in shape (holy LOLz).  News flash, Pete: You are an old fuck and your out-of-shape ass will never make the cut – not even airforce standards.  Plus I don’t want your kind in my goddamn military.  If you’re reading this Pete, then please give me the name of your recruiter.  I’m gonna find it….. one way or another.  Do something positive and help me prevent you from enlisting.

Hell – he might not even join the airforce because he owns a box with, like, 3 or 4 marijuana leaves in it.  Maybe that will jumpstart his career as a big-time drug dealer and he’ll make millions! Maybe he can be the GodFather like that movie poster he has hanging over his bed.  He likes taking pictures of marijuana leave along with his guns and $100 bills to show that he’s an internet tough guy who deals drugs at his highschool and he could kill you if he wanted to because he’s a hardcore gangster.

If you see a youtube account that you suspect might be his just click on his Google Plus page look at his posts.  He’ll use the word NIGGER or call people fat a lot and hes obessed with NASA and the CIA and a bunch of crazy shit about how the white race is being marginalized by the secret jewish men in black.  And chemtrails.  He seems to harbor hate against Russia for stealing the AK47 design from the German STG44. He’ll probably subscribe to white supremacist groups or Nazi history channels.  He’ll claim to be a “troll guru” or “master of trolling”.  He’ll claim to be an “Original Hyena”.  He’ll claim to have “fucked Elliot’s bitch”.  Also he likes to create multiple accounts and reply to his posts with these fake accounts to make it look like he has his own personal troll army at his command.

His inner circle of friends include Cokeman2423, TMHonFire, and I can’t tell if he actually knows xAZAZELx13 or if Pete’s just some annoying tag-along, but its probably the latter.

He has family in Arizona, Washington state, and New York, but don’t be fooled by IPspoofs – he lives in Florida.  217 Plumosa Dr, Cocoa, FL 32922 if you want to be specific.  He’s posted video of his house on his “HogFl” youtube account so i can confirm its his.

note: As of this Feb 2015, all these photos are taken from his personal FaceBook page or his old “HogFL”/”Florida Firearms” personal youtube account (both of which he deleted after he was doxxed.  too bad cuz he had like 2500 subscribers LOLZ).

that’s all for now.  heres some pictures, ill try and upload moar and add more information about pete later in the month.

Mind sharing that legal trust with us?  No? We’ll find it!

Notice thinning hairline.

Interior of home where his troll magic happens.  Fireplace and fishtank appear in his personal videos.
OMG who is this guy?  Is it batman??
Nope, just a sad man and his guns.
Stop it, youre making me wet, Pete!
Nice jewelry, fag.
Exterior of the house.

lol ur so cool smoke weed erry day

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